Booking Rules

  • Members of The Braemar Tennis Club
    • Members can book tennis court 2 up to 14 days in advance, and tennis court 1 within 2 hours of start time. When booking 14 days in advance, the new booking sheet becomes available at 6 am.
    • There are no additional booking fees for members paying annual membership subscription -- click here to join the Braemar Tennis Club now.
    • After online enrolment, please login to book courts.
    • There's no late-cancellation charge for members, however, please be sure to cancel your booking if you can no longer play so that others may use the court.
    • Members should select their playing partners/opponents to show on the Booking Sheets.
    • £5 Guest Fee:
      • When playing a non-member / guest:, select "Guest £5" as your playing partner/opponent.
      • The system will charge the £5 guest fee to your booking system account.
      • If you are no longer playing a guest, you can change your playing partner/opponent to a member, and the additional guest fee will be removed. This can be done any time before playing.
      • If you forget to select "Guest £5" as the playing partner/opponent before playing, then please be sure to use the facility to "Transfer Credit" to the "Guest £5" account on the system.
      • Members will need to top-up their booking system accounts ("Buy Credit") to cover their guest fee charge(s) in order to continue booking courts.
  • Non-Members (local residents and visitors)
    • Non-Members can use the Pay & Play booking system to book tennis court 1 up to 7 days in advance.
    • Booking fees: £10 per hour.
    • Pay & Play bookings are non-refundable.
  • Residents of The Fife Arms
    • Hotel Residents can contact reception in person or on 01339 720200 or to book tennis court 1 up to 2 weeks in advance, or tennis court 2 within 2 hours of start time.
    • There's no additional charge or booking fee for hotel residents and staff to use the tennis courts.
  • As these tennis courts are not floodlit, the system will not allow booking the court to start play after sunset has already occured.

Players play at their own risk and understand that Braemar Tennis Club will not be responsible for any injuries or loss/damage of personal property while being on the premises or using facilities, services and/or equipment in any way and for any reason whatsoever including ordinary negligence on the part of the club, its agents or employees.

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